Malawian company punts local coal

2018-09-04T14:10:24+00:00 September 4th, 2018|News|
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A coal mine and power plant in Malawi is expected to boost the local power supply.  

Coal mining

A new coal mine is set improve power production in Malawi.  
Image credit: Leon Louw

Malawian and Indian investors have commissioned the Kasikizi coal mine in Karoga, Malawi, in partnership with Malawian company Zagaf Cement, according to KS Gurulingaswamy, MD at Kasikizi, the mine will produce 20 000t of coal a month.

Gurulingaswamy says the consortium also plans to set up a coal fired power plant. “The power plant will have a capacity of 50MW, which will be supplied to the national power grid,” says Gurulingaswamy.

Grain Malunga, director at Kasikizi, explains that Zagaf Cement, which holds mineral rights for the area, initially started exploring for limestone but that the deposit was not suitable for cement production, as it contains a lot of dolomite.

“During the exploration work, however, we discovered that the area has a sizeable deposit of coal, which prompted us to seek a go ahead from the Department of Mines to add coal into the exclusive prospecting licence,” says Malunga. “Subsequent exploration work has proven that the coal is of a high quality,” he adds.

According to Aslam Gaffar, one of the other directors at Kasikizi, it is

unfortunate that despite having proven coal reserves, Malawi continues to import its coal from neighbouring countries such as Mozambique and Zimbabwe.