Store the power of the sun

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The effects of climate change on the environment is p

Store the power of the sun

Store the power of the sun.

ushing many industries to review their practices and consider what they can adapt to make a positive change. For the industrial and mining sectors, this includes shifting toward responsible energy usage and the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar power.

In the past, global industrial sectors avoided solar power, mainly because it was expensive to implement and inefficient in storing energy. This has changed thanks to the ongoing research and development by modern minds. Available technology does not just make use of solar power, it also stores it in a way that manufacturers can keep the lights on, keep production moving and give them a tax-break.

“The energy provided by the sun for an hour could meet the global needs for one year”, says Murray Long, Managing Director of First National Battery. “While this may seem like the solution to all our power problems, it’s impossible to collect and harvest all that energy. However, the fraction that we can collect and harvest, makes all the difference.”

Auto manufacturers, such as Renault, have implemented a solar-energy project that harvests 55MW of storage for six of their plants in France. They strategically selected land that offers maximum sun exposure and constructed solar panels across the entire building.

Here are some benefits one can reap from switching to solar power.

Consistent and renewable energy source

The sun rises most days, which means solar energy can be harnessed most of the time. According to scientists, the sun will last another five billion years, so there’s ample time to take advantage of this renewable energy source.

Reduces electricity costs

Going off-the-grid, or partially off-the-grid, reduces the electricity bill. And the best is, you could receive payments for the surplus energy you generate back into the grid, provided it is not above the kWh rate.

Low maintenance costs

Solar-powered plants require less maintenance as they are a tried and tested method. Solar panels do however need to be cleaned to keep harnessing consistent levels of power, and there are many companies offering this service.

What does ones solar-powered plant need?

Industrial facilities that are interested in making the switch to solar power, require power storage equipment, along with power generation equipment. Both these require hard-working batteries to handle the storage of surplus power.