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By Strata Worldwide

Since its inception in 1992, Strata Worldwide has been centrally and unwaveringly focused on mine safety. It has invested considerable time and resources into fully understanding the underground working environment and what workers need to remain safe and effective. Through decades of first-hand experience and listening closely to its customers, Strata has developed a portfolio of products that are built for the specific purpose of increasing worker safety.

Emergency refuge chambers remain one of the company’s most predominant global product lines. These complete safety systems are built to provide immediate shelter and breathable air in the event air in the working section is compromised. Miners can quickly retreat into the chamber for a sustained supply of breathable air while they await rescue.

While emergency refuge chambers in mining have been mandated in some countries, many mining companies choose to have them as a proactive emergency preparedness measure.

Breathable air:

Chambers can be connected to the mine’s main air lines to provide an indefinite supply of air. In order to ensure this air is safe and suitable for humans, a specialised air filtration system is mounted at the rear of the chamber to purify the mine air before it enters the safety chamber.

Each chamber is also equipped with a back-up air supply made up of a carbon dioxide scrubber and medical-grade oxygen bottles.

The carbon dioxide scrubbers circulate the air through soda lime chemicals to remove the CO2. The oxygen bottles are fitted with regulators to replenish oxygen levels at controlled rates. Gas monitoring can be optionally fitted to the scrubber, and these continually monitor air quality and assist occupants in maintaining a safe breathable atmosphere.

Backup power packs:

Strata’s chambers are connected to the mine’s main power source. In the event of power loss, the chamber will automatically switch to battery back-up and function for a standard 36 hours. This time duration is fully scalable.

Interior temperature cooling and dehumidifying:

In some mine locations, certain ambient temperatures can create hazardous conditions for occupants in the chamber over a period of time. Cooling the air and controlling internal humidity becomes vital. Strata chambers have an optional 24-volt air conditioner with dehumidifying capabilities to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment.


In May 2020, Strata released the Strata ERCX, its next generation emergency refuge chamber design. The company was looking to create a globally recognisable product that brings to its customers the latest in emergency refuge technologies.

“We have built refuge chambers for the global mining markets for close to 15 years,” states David Maust, General Manager of Chambers – Americas. “It is our primary goal to develop a product that meets the preferences of our customers, and at the same time is easily tailored to meet local and industry-based regulations.”

The ERCX is available in four standard sizes, from 8-, 12-, 20- and a 26-person capacity, and has select base configurations. A comprehensive list of customer-preferred options are also available, including wheel and hitch packages, airlock entrance compartments and highly sophisticated communications and monitoring systems. 


Strata Worldwide is a global leader in advanced technology solutions for mining and tunnelling industries. The company’s suite of products promotes a safer, more productive working environment, and are backed by 30 years of underground and customer support experience. The company is based out of the United States and has a local headquarters in Boksburg, South Africa.

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