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AECI WATER aims to increase access to drinking water for all

By AECI Water

AECI Water is a wholly owned subsidiary of the JSE-listed AECI Group. AECI Water derives its unique, class-leading technologies from a variety of sources, including an exclusive technology and manufacturing license agreement for sub-Saharan Africa with the global water resource management giant, SUEZ; through leveraging the technology and manufacturing prowess within the AECI Group; through collaboration with leading research and technology institutes, as well as through internal R&D. These combined technological capabilities and expertise has enabled AECI Water to provide various industries with the best available technology for optimising water use, minimising waste, improving HSE compliance and increasing operating profitability.

AECI Water

AECI WATER, part of #OneAECIForABetterWorld, highlight the need to consider the impact of today’s actions on tomorrow’s outcomes.

AECI WATER is committed to creating an environment that embraces race and gender equality, diversity and transformation, and recognises the importance of achieving a sustainable economic environment in South Africa through meaningful participation of previously disadvantaged groups in the mainstream economy.

The rising cost of potable water and compliance with effluent discharge regulations are placing more pressure on water intensive industries, in addition to stakeholders calling for greater commitment to reducing their impact on the environment.

South Africa’s National Water Resources Strategy 2 estimates that the mining sector consumes about 5% of the country’s available water, while more than three-million South Africans do not have access to a basic water supply, and more than 14-million people do not have access to safe sanitation.

Through its enabling philosophy, called Project Purpose, AECI WATER aims to increase access to drinking water for all, reduce potable water use for non-drinking purposes and enhance the quality of water and/or effluent discharge, while driving and improving other water-related environmental and societal benefits. One of AECI WATER’s five-year targets is to reduce and/or replace more than two-billion litres of potable water used in specifically the mining industry’s process streams.

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This target will be achieved by helping miners enhance their water use efficiencies and reduce their consumption at an operational level. This is realised through compliance with water discharge quality regulations to protect the environment and identifying and increasing the use and reuse of abundant and legacy water sources, as well as by applying appropriate water qualities rather than potable water for specific applications.”

“Through AECI WATER’s significant experience in all aspects of mine water and its established network of mining clients, it is ideally positioned to identify potentially viable water optimisation, reduction and reuse projects,” explains AECI WATER industry development head, Dawie Theron.

By investing in water re-use and recycling solutions, increasing water efficiency, total water management, utility water management and zero liquid discharge, AECI WATER guarantees that mining companies will de-risk their operations, achieve water independence, uphold the health and safety of employees, and achieve regulatory compliance.

AECI WATER aims to provide the right quality of water for each mining application, without burdening the existing limited municipal infrastructure and communities while also protecting water resources and the environment.

AECI WATER mining executive Philip Croucamp says: “Our goal is to help ensure mining companies improve on the financial and sustainability goals, whilst their communities prosper.”

Every project undertaken by AECI WATER in the mining sector considers sustainability with the perspective of achieving environmental and societal stewardship, notes Croucamp.

“While aiming to reduce the water intensity of the mining sector and increase its re-use of existing water sources to solve water challenges on mines, in collaboration with the bigger AECI we also pursue partnerships with neighbouring communities to address their water challenges and provide fresh drinking water,” concludes Croucamp.

Photo supplied by AECI Water

Photo supplied by AECI Water