Victaulic – Series 725T 4-Way Diverter Valve

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Victaulic Introduces Series 725T 4-Way Diverter Valve for Backfill Mining Operations

By Victaulic

New innovative design offers increased safety and productivity, less downtime and reduced maintenance compared to traditional methods of managing backfill, flush water diversion, and dumping.

New innovative design offers increased safety and productivity, less downtime and reduced maintenance compared to traditional methods of managing backfill, flush water diversion, and dumping.

Victaulic, the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe-joining and flow control solutions, is now offering a four-way diverter valve specifically designed to optimise backfill efficiency in mining operations.

Known for delivering safe, efficient, and reliable products and system solutions to industries for more than 100 years, Victaulic introduces the Series 725T Diverter Valve, which features a 4-way, 3-outlet, compact design including two backfill outlets and a third drain outlet for flush water diversion and backfill dumping. The Series 725T is designed with an internal product flow path, eliminating all exposed moving parts.


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The innovative technology increases site safety and productivity and reduces system downtime and maintenance. The Series 725T is designed for ‘plug and play’ remote operation and is engineered to automate stope switching in backfill operations, moving from traditionally manual operation to ‘push button’ control. The drain outlet enables swift dumping of paste before it solidifies, protecting upstream piping and bore holes which can be costly to repair in the event of a blockage.

Additional features of the Series 725T Diverter Valve include:

  • Eliminates Manual Operation: Traditional hard-piped systems require a crew to manually disconnect the backfill line and re-route flow to another line, which is labour intensive, potentially dangerous, and involves downtime. The Series 725T valve, by contrast, can be remotely operated with the press of a button to quickly rotate the valve from port to port. It can also be configured to automate the flow of backfill, reducing site downtime during shift changes.
  • Ease of Installation: The valve’s compact design can be installed in tight underground environments and can be supplied with a support frame for simple and efficient installation. The valve can be configured with several styles of Victaulic grooved end connections to match the mine’s needs. Victaulic connections make installation and maintenance, safer, simpler, and faster.
  • High-performance, resilient materials: The valve’s polyurethane seat provides long life wear-resistance, and the martensitic stainless-steel wetted surfaces prevent premature erosion/corrosion. The 90-degree rotation to the tapered drain port enables quick diversion of flow to mitigate water hammer during flush water diversion.

“The Series 725T diverter valve was specifically designed to increase safety and operational efficiency in mining backfill applications. The valve allows near instant changeover of backfill flow lines with remote actuation and all rotating parts are fully enclosed in the valve body.” noted Aidan Niggel, Director of Product Management for Mining at Victaulic. “Workers do not need to be in the area during operation, and with no externally moving parts, hand injuries are minimised, and there is no chance of seal bypass or spray when the valve is changing positions.”

Victaulic’s Series 725T Diverter Valve can accommodate pressures up to 1500 psi. Its specifications further include:

  • Available in three sizes: 4”/DN100, 6”/DN150, and 8”/DN200
  • Multiple end connection options: multiple Victaulic grooved end options to accommodate various backfill design requirements
  • An internal rotating plug with three flow positions: equipped with two primary outlets for directing paste or hydraulic backfill through the reticulation system to fill the appropriate stopes, and a third, clearly marked, drain outlet for flush water diversion and backfill dumping
  • Multiple operator/actuator options: Available with manual, electric, or pneumatic actuation

 Victaulic has a rich history of optimising mine backfill. The introduction of the Series 725T Diverter Valve is another example of the unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and value engineering that is driving increased safety and efficiency in mines around the world.

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