Image supplied by Africa Energy Indaba

Image supplied by Africa Energy Indaba

The Africa Energy Indaba 2023 promises to host synergistic discussions, unleashing insights and catalysing business opportunities that will pave the way for a more secure energy landscape across Africa.

Prevalent topics with particular reference to Africa’s energy sphere are set to form the core of discussions at the 15th Africa Energy Indaba. Interactive dialogues and key outcomes emanating from these themes will provide business growth opportunities for Africa’s energy sector and inspire the necessary transformation within this realm.

African energy ministers and leaders are proactively striving to improve aspects relating to three core dimensions: energy security, energy equity (accessibility and affordability), and environmental sustainability of energy systems, all of which require funding. The upcoming event will unpack integrated strategic endeavours that governments plan to implement to offer significant catalytic ramifications for long-term investment prospects across Africa’s energy sectors.

Various thought-provoking session themes to be tackled involve the following:

  •  African energy – policies for growth
  • Continental Power Systems Masterplan – a foundation for Africa’s single electricity market
  • The energy transition in the context of Africa
  • Is climate focused funding appropriate for Africa?
  • Getting the most value out of Africa’s resources
  • COP 27: The Africa COP – outcomes and implications
  • Bridging the gender gap in the African energy sector
  • Renewable energy systems: What next?
  • Development of mini-grid and off-grid solutions
  • Small scale industrialisation
  • E-Mobility in Africa
  • African power market
  • Energy storage
  • Hydrogen for Africa
  • Climate change and Net Zero aspiration
  • Skills development and job creation through off-grid solutions
  • Physical security of energy assets
  • What is the future for oil producing countries?
  • The role of gas as a transition fuel

During this time of critical energy transition, the Africa Energy Indaba 2023 aims to support African and international energy leaders to translate global objectives into regional and national business solutions in order to secure a more accessible, affordable and sustainable energy future for the African continent. “Doing business is key to the discussions at the Africa Energy Indaba. Our focus is on exploring how, using the various discussions, business can access opportunities in the African energy sector, learn how to do transactions and unlock bottlenecks with energy project developments,” commented Liz Hart, MD of the Africa Energy Indaba.