Small yet indispensable devices, cap lamps serve as beacons of safety, guiding miners and workers through underground environments. Beyond mere visibility, cap lamps are guardians of life.

MineArc Cap Lamp solution

MineArc Cap Lamp solution

MineARC’s SiriUS and SiriUS-LUX cap lamps stand as a testament to their commitment to enhancing visibility across the mining, tunnelling and emergency response industries. Recognising the critical significance of reliable lighting particularly in the challenging circumstances faced by underground miners, the company’s cap lamps are available in corded, semi-corded and cordless configurations to suit all site and personnel requirements.

Reliable and uninterrupted illumination

At the heart of these cap lamp offerings, lies the steadfast SiriUS cap lamp. The cordless and corded cap lamp models offer reliable and uninterrupted illumination, along with a 15-hour minimum battery life. Ensuring a consistent source of light for workers navigating the darkest and most challenging underground environments, this product is a dependable choice. Incorporating LED technology, the SiriUS cap lamp provides intensity and clarity that outshines its predecessors. The longevity of its battery life and the ergonomic design also ensure comfort during extended usage.

A harmonious balance between tradition and modernity

Stepping into the realm of innovation, MineARC’s SiriUS-LUX semi- corded cap lamps strike a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity – offering the best of both worlds when having to choose between a corded and cordless cap lamp. It combines dual beams, superior colour rendering and tracking compatibility. With the semi-corded design, miners are not restricted by cables and can move freely without interruption. This semi-corded design is made possible with a silicone strap that attaches to the hardhat, and perfectly balances the battery in respect of the front and rear weight.

As an added feature, the Semi-Corded SiriUS-LUX offers a ‘low power’ mode. This function allows the cap to automatically dim the LED light once the battery reaches 80% depletion. This feature extends the battery life by up to two hours.

The future of underground illumination

MineARC’s SiriUS-LUX corded cap lamps embody the future  of underground illumination. This corded cap lamp harnesses advanced battery technology to provide up to 18 hours of light, with its modular ‘quick connect’ battery pack. The convenience of swapping out a modular battery pack ‘on-the-go’ enables a reduction in operational downtime between charging sessions, when compared to other cap lamps.

The SiriUS-LUX corded cap lamp also features a purpose-designed lightweight curly cord, providing additional cable length whilst still hugging the body. Other features include ‘low power’ mode, dual- beam LED, boost-mode lighting and more.

Tracking and gas monitoring upgrades

Upgrade options for both the SiriUS-LUX semi-corded corded cap lamps include gas monitoring, as well as personnel tracking via UWB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Aeroscout – taking on-site safety to enhanced levels.

Cap lamp charging racks

Constructed from robust hard-wearing powder-coated steel, the new MineARC Charger Rack’s unique design offers optimal flexibility – allowing one to order a rack specific to one’s needs and products on-site, or to choose from standard configurations. Configurations include 2 and 3-module options for mixed racks. Alternatively, standard charger racks can be purchased for any lamp within the SiriUS and SiriUS-LUX range.

Amid this array of choices, one underlying principle unites them all – safety. MineARC’s range of cap lamps isn’t just about illumination: it is a collective effort to safeguard the lives of those who tirelessly work in stressful mining environments.

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