In locations such as underground mines, miners are often subjected to conditions where sound and sight are impaired, making it difficult to hear or see emergency alerts of impending danger. MineARC has recognised the importance of various types of emergency alert systems to enhance safety in volatile environments.

Supplied by MineArc

Supplied by MineArc

The Stench Gas System explained

MineARC’s Stench Gas System is designed to suit locations where conventional audio and visual warnings are impaired. Stench gas is commonly used in underground ventilation systems as an alert gas for emergency evacuations. The powerful odour can be quickly dispersed throughout an underground mine to alert workers of impending danger. Available in either a manual or remotely operated electric configuration, the system indicates the initiation of emergency response procedures. 

MineARC Stench Gas cylinders carry 100g of Ethyl Mercaptan – a colourless and organic liquid with a strong odour that, when added to an odourless gas, acts as a pungent warning agent. One MineARC Stench Gas Unit is effective in odourising approximately 1.25 million cubic metres of air throughout an underground mine, operating within a temperature range of 1°C–54°C. MineARC Stench Gas is a non-flammable substance.

Some key features of the stench gas units include (but are not limited to):

  • Steel housing with reflective signage and viewing window
  • Powder coated red in accordance with ANSI Z535.1
  • Pressure gauge to indicate gas levels
  • Stainless-steel pipe work and valving
  • Tamper-proof tags
  • Simple operation via gas release valves
  • Easy installation

Types of Stench Gas Units

1. Manual Stench Gas Units
MineARC’s standard Manual Stench Gas unit comprises a set of twin gas cylinders housed within a durable steel cabinet with reflective signage, designed specifically for harsh underground conditions. The stench gas cylinders are manually activated via gas release valves on the top of the exterior housing. Pressure gauges indicate successful release of the gas.

The Manual Stench Gas units ensure reliability with simple, dependable units that require minimal maintenance. Miners are equipped to initiate an immediate response by taking immediate action to protect themselves during possible danger.

2. Electric Stench Gas
The Electric Stench Gas is MineARC’s premium range unit, allowing remote release of stench gas. The activation status can be remotely monitored via 4–20mA signals from local pressure sensors. Redundancy is ensured by a manual gas release valve and analogue gauge, allowing the unit to be operated without power. This system includes a sub-controller and master controller, allowing you to monitor your entire network and providing you with real-time system data. These units can be installed in a range of configurations, allowing a variety that best suits the mine.

The Electric Stench Gas units allow for automation and a more hands-off approach with centralised control for a consistent and synchronised response throughout the mine. Miners can trust in a faster, automated response in an emergency.The Electric Stench Gas units have the capabilities to connect and integrate with MineARC’s GuardIAN Intelligence Network: a real time monitoring system of the underground environment from site assets to personnel via any tablet, PC or mobile device. The release of stench gas can be activated remotely via the GuardIAN dashboard, providing yet another alternative for an immediate alert during an emergency.

Complementing the Stench Gas System, MineARC offers a selection of post-emergency units. The range consists of anti-stench and wintergreen units. Anti-stench is an effective Stench Gas neutralising agent, and wintergreen, an all-clear signal. Available in both manual and electric configurations, the units can plug directly into a MineARC Sub-Controller for remote activation and monitoring if required.


Identified by its blue powder coating for easy identification in low light conditions, the Anti-Stench is steel housed with reflective signage and a viewing window. Anti-stench works as a chemical neutraliser, counteracting the pungent odour of Ethyl Mercaptan. It is recommended that following stench gas activation, all ventilation lines are flushed with MineARC Anti-Stench to neutralise the active scent component of the chemical.


Wintergreen is intended as an ‘all clear’ signal, to be used after an emergency to indicate that it is safe to commence production. A pleasant aromatic scent, MineARC Wintergreen 1ℓ cylinders contain 100g of Wintergreen Oil and R134A propellant. Wintergreen is a distinct green powder coated unit for easy identification in minimal light.


MineARC’s Stench Gas System is a pivotal component in enhancing underground mine safety. Whether you opt for manual units for their simplicity and reliability or electric units for their automation and centralised control, the goal remains the same – to protect miners and ensure their swift response to emergencies. With this advanced emergency alert system in place, miners can work with confidence, knowing that their safety is a top priority in every corner of the mine.

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