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  • The new Cat 992 Wheel Loader increases productivity with up to 32%. The new machine is about 48% more efficient. Photo by Cat

New Cat 992 Wheel Loader increases productivity and efficiency

April 9th, 2021|Equipment News|

The new Cat 992 Wheel Loader increases productivity with up to 32%. The new machine is about 48% more efficient. […]

  • BME was able to plan and execute a blast of 4 647 detonators. Photo by BME

BME blasts its way to SA record

April 8th, 2021|News|

Another South African record for the largest electronic detonator blast has been broken by blasting and explosives leader BME. […]

  • Altus Strategies is doing exploration work in Mali. Photo by Altus

Altus extends strike length

April 7th, 2021|News|

Altus Strategies has announced results from a 6 300m reverse circulation (RC) drilling programme at the Tabakorole gold project in southern Mali. […]

  • Danie Pretorius, CEO of Master Drilling. Photo by Master Drilling

Master Drilling reports muted performance  

April 6th, 2021|News|

Master Drilling reported a muted but resilient performance for the year ended 31 December 2020, demonstrating the benefits of its flexible business model and diversified footprint.   […]

  • The new Cavex 2 hydrocylone maintains the 360° laminar spiral design that was successful for the pioneering Cavex model. Photo by Weir Minerals

New generation Cavex hydrocyclone boosts throughput and wear life

April 1st, 2021|Equipment News|

The new generation Cavex 2 hydrocyclone from Weir Minerals is an exciting improvement on the successful Cavex hydrocyclone launched in the 1990s and its design ensures a step-change in separation performance and reduced turbulence. [...]

  • Paul Dunne, CEO of Northam Platinum. Photo by Northam Platinum

Northam back to normal production

March 31st, 2021|News|

In his half-yearly address to shareholders, CEO Paul Dunne highlighted the normalisation of production following the Covid-19 associated disruptions. “Our production statistics bear testament to this. Especially significant is the first meaningful metal contribution from [...]


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BSI has played a pivotal role in the rapid development of ISO/PAS 45005, which is based on BSI’s Safe Working Guidance, a ground-breaking guidance document for organisations, first published in May 2020.

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